The New Kid on the Team

Masonic Analogy: the new Brother, Companion, Sir Knight is like the new kid on the little league team. He may not be as good as the other players but he always comes to
Practice tries hard and truly loves the game. As the coach (WM, etc) do you play your superstar who never comes to practice or your new guy who will give you everything he’s got?

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Lodge “Work” vs. Lodge “Business”

I recently read an article in the Masonic Journal and they talked about Lodge “work” vs. Lodge “business”. I found this to be a most prevelant issue today. I hear many a WM talk about retention, lack of participation, low attendance. I would ask them if they conduct business or work at Lodge? I did not become a Mason to sit through 2 hours of minutes, bills and letters from GL, I thrive on knowledge and education, teach me, mold me, help me make me a Perfect Ashlar. I see a lot of business in many Masonic organizations but very little learning. I give kudos to HP Carl Weaver for making my first Chapter meeting enjoyable by practicing a degree and it looks like another learning lecture next month. I for one would not want to be a WM, HP or EC who only took care of business I would want to impart what knowledge I had on my brothers while still searching for more light.

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Masonic Resume

Well if your reading this I am sure your either a Mason or interested in Masonry. I am also sure you would like to know the credentials of the person writing this, just to make sure it’s not just another non-mason speaking ill of the craft.


Master Mason – Grand Lodge of Virginia – 2008

32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason – 2009

Order of the Easter Star – Associate Patron – 2012

Royal Arch Mason – 2013

Knight Templar – 2013

Member Masonic Society – 2010

Fellow Grand College of Rites – 2013

Scottish Rite Master Craftsman I – 2012

Scottish Rite Master Craftsman II – 2013

Free Runners Masonic Organization – 2013

The writings you will read are just random thoughts I have that I think others would find interesting. I do not claim to be some Big Masonic Philosopher just a Mason speaking his mind.


Hope you enjoy

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