Masonic Resume

Well if your reading this I am sure your either a Mason or interested in Masonry. I am also sure you would like to know the credentials of the person writing this, just to make sure it’s not just another non-mason speaking ill of the craft.


Master Mason – Grand Lodge of Virginia – 2008

32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason – 2009

Order of the Easter Star – Associate Patron – 2012

Royal Arch Mason – 2013

Knight Templar – 2013

Member Masonic Society – 2010

Fellow Grand College of Rites – 2013

Scottish Rite Master Craftsman I – 2012

Scottish Rite Master Craftsman II – 2013

Free Runners Masonic Organization – 2013

The writings you will read are just random thoughts I have that I think others would find interesting. I do not claim to be some Big Masonic Philosopher just a Mason speaking his mind.


Hope you enjoy


About Bro. Adam

I am a Master Mason from Virginia. I am an active member of many append any bodies (see my post Masonic Resume). I started this blog because I wanted to share my thoughts on Masonry in general and what I personally get out of Masonry and some ideas I have that might hopefully strengthen the Craft. Non of these posts are rooted in deep Masonic philosophy just the random thoughts of a simple Teaveling Man
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