Lodge “Work” vs. Lodge “Business”

I recently read an article in the Masonic Journal and they talked about Lodge “work” vs. Lodge “business”. I found this to be a most prevelant issue today. I hear many a WM talk about retention, lack of participation, low attendance. I would ask them if they conduct business or work at Lodge? I did not become a Mason to sit through 2 hours of minutes, bills and letters from GL, I thrive on knowledge and education, teach me, mold me, help me make me a Perfect Ashlar. I see a lot of business in many Masonic organizations but very little learning. I give kudos to HP Carl Weaver for making my first Chapter meeting enjoyable by practicing a degree and it looks like another learning lecture next month. I for one would not want to be a WM, HP or EC who only took care of business I would want to impart what knowledge I had on my brothers while still searching for more light.


About Bro. Adam

I am a Master Mason from Virginia. I am an active member of many append any bodies (see my post Masonic Resume). I started this blog because I wanted to share my thoughts on Masonry in general and what I personally get out of Masonry and some ideas I have that might hopefully strengthen the Craft. Non of these posts are rooted in deep Masonic philosophy just the random thoughts of a simple Teaveling Man
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